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Top 5 Megaprojects in India Currently in-progress 2024

Megaprojects in India

From the tallest railroad bridge to the world’s biggest solar farm, India has made enormous progress in megaprojects and modern technology. So after reading a lot of your comments in the last few years, it is finally time for the megaprojects in India

Top 5 Megaprojects in India ongoing 2024

The Chenab Bridge – $180 million.

Many of the current megaprojects in India are aimed towards better connectivity between different regions. One such project is the Chenab Bridge in the highly contentious Jammu and Kashmir region. Sitting 359 meters above the Chenab River, it is taller than the Eiffel Tower and the tallest railway bridge in the world. Before the bridge was completed, the only land route connecting Kashmir with the rest of the country was the Srinagar-Jammu national highway.

However, this single road is severely impacted by harsh winters and remains closed for a few weeks every year. Fortunately, the new Chenab Bridge will remedy that problem when it opens towards the end of this year. In addition to providing a new land route, the bridge will also serve strategic purposes and allow India to exert greater control in the of the main megaprojects in India.

Megaprojects in India

The Palais Royale in Mumbai – $380 million.

India’s financial capital, Mumbai, is also its skyscraper hub, being home to almost every skyscraper in the country. The tallest of them all is the 320-meter-tall Palais Royale, which is set for completion after years of delays. The construction of the country’s first supertall skyscraper started in 2008 with great fanfare. It was planned to be a residential skyscraper aiming to attract the city’s growing elite. However, the building got entangled in several lawsuits leading to delays and cost overruns. Through all the court proceedings, construction continued, and the building finally topped out in 2018.

But then, the work on the facade and the interiors was stopped again. The skyscraper was auctioned off one year later for just 85 million dollars after which the country’s top court approved construction again. While construction has continued, question marks remain over the utility of the high rise and whether it will be fully inhabited. The latest date for completion of the Palais Royale is set at December 2023 comes under megaprojects in India , by which time it would have blown through a budget of 380 million dollars. However, compared to the following megaprojects in India, these costs are quite manageable.

Megaprojects in India

Zoji-la & Z-Morh Tunnel Projects – $1.2 billion.

Kashmir is also the destination of a billion-dollar project that involves drilling tunnels to connect the valley with Ladakh. Two of the most important tunnels are Zojila and Z-Morh on the Srinagar-Leh highway. The Z-Morh tunnel will connect Srinagar and Ladakh, making these regions accessible in the winters via a 6.5-kilometer link. The longer Zojila tunnel will run for 14 kilometers, connecting Leh and Srinagar.

This tunnel is being built in India’s most challenging terrain around the Zojila Pass. At a height of 3,500 meters, it will be one of the highest vehicular tunnels in the world. Work on the two tunnels will be finished by 2024, with the government already drawing plans to expand the network in the coming years, this tunnel becomes one of the megaprojects in India.

Megaprojects in India

Mumbai Coastal Road Project – $1.7 billion.

In addition to supertall skyscrapers, Mumbai is undergoing megaprojects in India infrastructure upgrades in 2023. Congestion is a major headache for commuters in the city as average vehicle speeds remain under 25 kilometers per hour and it remains one of the megaprojects in India

However, a handful of projects will change how Mumbai travels in the near future. At an expense of 1.7 billion dollars, the city will get a 29-kilometer coastal road where vehicle speeds will reach an average of 80 kilometers per hour. The route also includes 2 kilometers long twin tunnels running under the Arabian Sea. The 10 kilometers long first phase of the project connecting Princess Flyover Road with Worli Sea Link is 75% complete and will be opened for traffic by the end of the year.

Navi Mumbai International Airport – $2.3 billion.

This project is part of addressing the congestion issue in Mumbai. By virtue of being the country’s financial capital, Mumbai is India‚Äôs most traveled city but it has only one major international airport. The Mumbai International Airport can serve upwards of 50 million passengers a year but is running at capacity most days. With just one runway available, the scope of expansion is limited at the current premises and airlines have struggled to secure slots for more flights. To remedy the issue and ease congestion at the existing airport, a private conglomerate took on the task of developing a new airport in 2017 is one of the megaprojects in India

Phase 1 of the project will be completed next year, easing the burden of about 20 million passengers on the city’s main airport. The remaining phases will be implemented over the next decade, taking the construction cost up to 2.3 billion dollars.

The Navi Mumbai airport would eventually have an annual capacity to handle 90 million passengers, making it one of the biggest airports in the world. While the airport solves a huge congestion problem, some aviation experts and activists believe a better site could have been chosen as the current site falls dangerously close to major bird sanctuaries, leaving aircraft vulnerable to bird strikes.


These 5 megaprojects in India highlight the nation’s commitment to progress, innovation, and sustainable development. Whether it’s enhancing connectivity, harnessing renewable energy, or transforming industrial landscapes, these projects are shaping India’s future and propelling it towards becoming a global powerhouse.

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