These Are The Best 1440p Monitor Options Out Now

There’s a new standard in high definition. 1440p monitors are here in all their glory. You might have a top of the line gaming rig with the best processor, the best graphics card, and enough memory to run anything without breaking a sweat, but what does your monitor look like? Are you doing those graphics justice? If your monitor set up could use an upgrade stay tuned. In this article we’re going to go over the best deals in 1440p monitors so you can upgrade your visuals. You might even be tempted to go for a dual screen set up, but you might not have to! A couple of these monitors have screen splitting technology so they can do double duty for work or play. These are the best 1440p monitor options on the market right now.

Acer Predator 34 Inch Curved Ultra Wide Monitor

Best 1440p Monitor

This might be the most beautiful monitor you’ve ever seen. The predator is an enormous, ultra wide high definition computer monitor that would make any gamer drool. It featuresĀ 3440 x 1440 resolution so you can game, do your editing, or watch movies the way they were meant to be. It also featuresĀ NVIDIA G-SYNC that helps prevent screen tearing. In addition, it features two high quality built in speakers of 7 watts so you can get high quality sounds to round out your gaming experience. There’s an odd feature called “underglow” which allows you to have LEDs under the monitor something akin to under carriage lights. You can even choose the color. If you’re looking for a monitor that has all the bells and whistles imaginable, then this is it.

Nvidia G-SYNC synchronizes the refresh rate of the monitor with the GPU to help prevent screen tearing and minimize stutter in your game play. This means that scenes appear instantly, they look more beautiful than ever, and the game play is exceptionally smooth. You can use this feature at 60hz, but you have the ability to overclock it up to 100hz for enhanced performance which is interesting.

Best 1440p monitor for : gaming

  • Viewable Area: 34″ Curved Display
  • Aspect Ratio: 21:9
  • Panel Type: IPS
  • Resolution: 3440 x 1440
  • Refresh Rate: 60Hz (OverClocking to 100Hz)
  • Pixel Pitch: 0.233mm
  • Response Time: 4ms
  • Speakers: 2 speakers (7 watts per speaker)
  • Ports: 5 – USB 3.0 Ports (1 Up, 4 Down)
  • Signal Inputs: 1 x Display Port & 1 x HDMI 1.4
  • Warranty: 3 Year Limited Parts & Labor

LG Electronics UM95 Widescreen Monitor

Are you looking for a monitor with a premium size work space for your creative outlets? Whether you need all of your available screen space for music production in your studio or for video editing your latest films this monitor can deliver. This monitor is also Mac compatible if you’re a hardcore Apple fanatic. If you don’t have room for multiple monitors this set up has a nifty feature that will let you split the screen into up to four different windows. You can effectively have dual monitors while only actually having one physical monitor. This could be super useful for work place set ups. It also has extremely accurate RGB color representation which will make this monitor a fan favorite of graphic designers and photographers.

If you’re into a more recreational experience this monitor can also display your movies or games in beautiful 1440p. You can also use the dual link up feature that will allow you to connect multiple devices to the monitor like phones, tablets, or cameras so you can view them both on the monitor at the same time. It also has thunderbolt ports that will allow you to quickly move data between devices.


Best 1440p monitor for : Photography and design.

  • UltraWide format provides additional real estate for you to multitask or watch multiple inputs at once.
  • Ultra QHD (3440×1440) resolution provides the additional resolution you have been looking for.
  • Dual-link fuctionality allows you to view two separate inputs at the same time.
  • HDMI, Display Port, USB 3.0, and Thunderbolt 2 inputs allow you to connect to all your devices.
  • The gorgeous Cinema Screen design with integrated 7W speakers look stunning on or off.
  • Dual link to connect multiple devices to the screen at once (phones, tablets, cameras)
  • Thunderbolt connections for data transfer
  • Mac compatible
  • 4 screen split for productivity

HP Envy 34c Curved Monitor


HP is one of my favorite pre-built computer manufacturers. If I couldn’t build my own rig they’re the brand I would buy. All of my purchases from them have been stellar (save for the HP stream book, but that was more Windows 10’s fault). They some very nice looking monitors available under the HP Envy name that are beautiful, full 1440p LED displays. With this monitor you can enjoy 3440 x 1440 resolution to play games or movies in full HD. Similarly to the last entry this monitor also has a nifty screen splitting feature though I believe you can only have two displays to the LG’s four. It’s still a great feature, and very nice if you need two displays when working on projects, but are lacking in desk space. (Or your set up does not support two monitors.)

In addition to the premium display this monitor also features DTS audio so you can have premium sound to go with your visuals. These are dual 6 watt speakers in the front of the monitor. This monitor features Quad HD, but if you’re expecting it to be huge leap over traditional screens it won’t be. We’re getting to the point where changes will be minimal, but for the real enthusiasts of video the small changes make all the difference. This monitor also can work with a Vesa monitor mount if you’d like your monitor to be on the wall instead of your desk.

Best 1440p monitor for: General purpose.

  • Fully immersive curved display: Rediscover your favorite movies, games, and photos on a 34-inch diagonal curved display in WQHD
  • Show-stopping sound: Feel the sensations of the deepest bass and highest trebles with DTS Audio(3) technology funneled through 6 Watt front-firing speakers angled for a stimulating sound
  • Embrace your content: Share pictures and video from all your devices with built-in HDMI MHL port
  • Directional sound: Left and right speakers positioned for stereo sound from 6-watt front-firing speakers.
  • Share the panoramic view: HP’s first display with 21:9 aspect ratio WQHD resolution and ultra-wide 178 Degree viewing angles
  • Dimensions (W X D X H) : 37.44 x 7.76 x 18.79 in (with stand); 37.44 x 3.7 x 14.73 in (without stand)